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Shahab Ettekal

CEO / Photographer/ Videographer

18 years of experience in photography

9 years of experience in videography and editing

Licensed Drone Pilot

Shah can help you to make decisions about equipment and the team that you need for your film or the event, you need to know how many photographers, videographers, assistants, or other professionals you should hire for your project, and this is what he can tell you to save time and money. 

Mohsen Kaboudani

President / Photographer / Clients' Counselor

8 years of experience in photography

Moe can help you to pick the best package to match your budget, and find the best studio or location depending on your project, he knows more than 1000 stunning locations all around the world for your film, headshots, weddings, or the family pictures. He has 20 years of experience in being a travel agent and traveled all around the world. 

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